• A Liberum Punt on the Schuylkill River, Philadelphia, 2015
  • SeaChange 2014: We All Live Downstream, 2014
  • Mystery Tour to Tugboat Graveyard/Arthur Kill with Flux Factory & Marie Lorenz, 2010
  • Launch of the Massicot, a Paper Skiff, Clayton, NY, 2012
  • Down the St. Lawrence: 100 Miles in a Paper Skiff, 2012
  • Mare Liberum Boat Shop at Gowanus Studio Space, Brooklyn, NY
  • Liberum Kayak (Bamboo, Zipties, Museum Vinyl) Workshop at MASS MoCA, 2011
  • Mystery Tour to Tugboat Graveyard/Arthur Kill with Flux Factory & Marie Lorenz, 2010
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News from the Free Seas

By Dylan

Open Studio / Tideland Sessions at Parrish Art Museum

In conjunction with Tideland Sessions and the exhibition, Radical Seafaring, a special extended Open Studio for Families will be held from 10 am-1 pm. Please see the information below for the activities at Open Studio. All ages must be accompanied by an adult. Saturday, May 21, 2016 10:00am to 1:00pm Artist-boatbuilding collective Mare Liberum invites the public to join them for Open Studio at the Parrish where they will lead the construction of 1/10th scale models of their punt currently on display in Radical Seafaring. Through the construction of these small scale models, the public will grasp the basics of

By Dylan

How to Build a Punt

Up to date instructions - more or less complete, more or less correct instructions Template files - print or CnC these to build your own punt Punt broadsheet - stories and collected research for Radical Seafaring at the Parrish Art Museum Baby punt kit (1/12th Scale) - Laser printed in an edition of 50 for Tideland Sessions ABOUT THE PUNT: punt (n.2): "flat-bottomed river boat," late Old English punt, perhaps an ancient survival of British Latin ponto "flat-bottomed boat" (see OED), a kind of Gallic transport (Caesar), also "floating bridge" (Gellius), from Latin pontem (nominative pons) "bridge" (see pontoon). Or from or influenced by Old

By Dylan

Radical Seafaring at the Parrish Art Museum, May 8 – July 24, 2016

ML is honored and excited to have work in the exhibition Radical Seafaring, curated by Andrea Grover for the Parrish Art Museum.  The exhibition opens May 8 and is on view until July 24, 2016.   --- Radical Seafaring is a multidisciplinary exhibition, publication, and program initiative that will include two-dimensional works, sculptural objects, vessels, models, film and video, off-site commissions, and boat trips around East End waterways. Under the direction of Andrea Grover, Century Arts Foundation Curator of Special Projects, the exhibition features twenty-five artists with works that range from artist-made vessels, to documentation of creative expeditions, to speculative designs for alternative communities on the water.

By Dylan

Or, the Other Island / Mare Liberum at the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard

Join us for a public talk and opening reception for Mare Liberum's exhibition at the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts at Harvard University, "or, The Other Island." Members of the collective Mare Liberum will present an artist talk on their work in relation to participatory explorations of impacted regional waterways. As a companion talk, scholar, artist and activist Max Liboiron will discuss the science of marine plastics and citizen science tools she has developed to make plastics apparent and "charismatic." Plastics have been found in every ocean in the world. Over 90% of these plastics are smaller than a

By thefreeseas

2015 COAL Prize Finalists

We are pleased to announce that our project, "Mergitur sed Regurgitat" has been selected as a finalist for the 2015 COAL Prize for Art and Sustainability. The award will be presented on September 17th in Paris. More info on the COAL site. About the COAL Prize: In a multidisciplinary and innovative spirit, COAL mobilizes artists and cultural actors on social and environmental issues and supports the creation of artwork, creating awareness and implements concrete solutions through exhibitions, events, the Coal Art & Environment Prize, and intelligence



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Arthur Poisson

Foreign Agent / Poisson

Artiste. Based in

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Sunita Prasad

Sunita Prasad is a New York City based artist. Her projects employ methods of visual translation such as

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Jean Barberis

Jean Barberis is a maker, an artist, and a curator but he rarely makes a distinction between the various

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Ben Cohen


Benjamin Cohen is a co-founder of Mare Liberum as well as an industrial designer, amateur boat-builder, sometimes-curator, and

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Stephan von Muehlen


Stephan von Muehlen is Brooklyn-based designer, builder, and artist whose work attempts to combine sustainable practice with craft

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Kendra Sullivan

Kendra Sullivan is a writer, publisher, artist, and boat-maker living in Brooklyn. She works at the Center for the

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Dylan Gauthier


Dylan Gauthier is a Brooklyn-based artist (writer, curator, educator, boatbuilder, media activist). His works take the form of

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With Gratitude To:

Arthur Poisson, Anna Larson, Brie Ruais, Cecily Anderson, Meryl O’Connor, Martina Mrongovius, Connie Hockaday, Marie Lorenz, Adam Katzman, Zaria Forman, Angela Conant, Sierra Pettengil, Emily Sandusky, Duke Riley, Paula Segal, Patrick Kiley, Christin Ripley, James Voorhies, Nate Padavick, Susan Cross, Cassandra Troyan, James Parrot III, Matt Cassity, Juliana Driever, Emmett Smith, Nick Normal, Matt Levy, Meg Keys, Orian McNeil, Richard Kriddle, Michelle Levy, Sally Szwed, Kevin Buckland, Amaranta Herrero, Andrea Rollefson, Andrea Kimmich-Keyser, Coach Ed Kennedy, Tianna Kennedy, Dana Gulley, Riverkeeper, Alex Scrimgeour, Wendell Seitz, North Brooklyn Boat Club, Red Hook Boaters, Gowanus Dredgers, Inwood Canoe Club, Ossining Boat and Canoe Club, The Staats, A’yen Tran, Jeff Stark, George Graham, Greg Mihalko, Jason Viseltear, Josh Weinstein, Haley Hughes, Sam Gould, Jens Rasmussen, Willis Elkins, Rosalyn Ruiz, Patterson Beckwith, Fung Lim, Mark Anderson, Radhika Subramaniam, Edward Morris, Susannah Sayler, Elizabeth Rush, Galen Joseph-Hunter, Tom Rowe, Ellen Driscoll, Tom O’Dowd, Gail Buckland, Susan Rogers, Maximillian Goldfarb, Jesse Karch, Dylan Latimer, Everett Cox, Laurie Husted, Gypsy Guillen Kaiser, Mario Kaiser, Alaina Taylor, Raquel de Anda, Rachel Sturgis, Beka Economopoulos, kt tierney, Azuré and Christian, Mark @ Haven, Enez Paganuzzi, Alexis Bhagat, Stephanie Loveless, Stephanie Rabins, Lindsea Kemp-Wilbur, Elizabeth Knafo, Paul Lloyd Sargent, Jen Kaminski, Artur Jupiter, David Borton, Amanda “Dez” Menendez, Susan Rutman, Bleakley McDowell, Sara McMillan, Brindalyn Webster Chen, Georgia Muenster, Michael Arcega, Rachel Bacon, Gabriela Basterra, Andy Bichlbaum & Jeff Day, Jimbo Blachly & Lytle Shaw, George Boorujy, Matt Bua, The Brooklyn Pirates, Laurie Churchman, Adriane Colburn, Heather Dewey-Hagborg & Thomas Dexter, Meredith Drum & Rachel Stevens, Amze Emmons, Andrew Eutsler, Shane Heinemeier & Alison Ward, Drew Feuer & Eleanor Lovinsky, Jason Gandy, Richard Haley, Crystal Heiden, Constance Hockaday, TJ Hospodar, Haley Hughes, Sarah Julig, Jonathan Kaiser, Adam Katzman, Marie Lorenz, Hans Maharawal & Thomas Robinson, Mary Mattingly, Orien McNeill, Nick Normal, Ciaran O’Dochartaigh, Anne Percoco, Natalia Porter, Duke Riley, Tod Seelie, Jessica Segall, Gina Siepel, Reid Stowe, Swimming Cities, Swoon, A’yen Tran, Emmett Walsh, Ian Warren, Brindalyn Webster, Charles Westfall, Marina 59, Randi Hopkins, Eugene Finney, Jacqueline Shilkoff, Dan Glass, James Trimarco, Martha Schwendener, Marty Lucas, Rachel Stevens, Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga, Michael Gitlin, Lorraine Boissonault, Oksana Mironova, Ray Fusco, Catharine Connell, Ralph Bishop, Gretta Cohn, Natalia Porter, Allison Poole, Elizabeth Weinberg, Anna Boysen, Joe Beaglehole, Jonathan Butt, Stuart Heys, Pauline Pechin, Lacey Tauber, Beatrice Glow, Mary Habstritt, Nadine Bloch, Gabby Brown, Yoni Brook, Kenny Bruno, Shawn Forno, Matt Tyson, Graeme Birchall, Ilya Bernstein, Athena Soules, Jacques, Good Kid Paulie, Turtle MacDermott, Yuko Tonohira, Emilio Oliveira, Elizabeth Press, Julie Platner, Gayathri Iyer, and probably quite a few more…


Mare Liberum* (or, “The Free Seas”) is a freeform publishing, boatbuilding and waterfront art collective and civic initiative, based in the Gowanus area of Brooklyn, New York. Finding its roots in centuries-old stories of urban water squatters and haphazard watercraft builders, Mare Liberum is a collaborative exploration of what it takes to make viable aquatic craft as an alternative to life on land. It is also a way to make visible the overlooked and the neglected, in particular the often toxic waterways of our urban centers. The collective draws from sources as diverse as ocean-crossing raft assemblages, improvised refugee boats built in Senegal and Cuba, and modern stitch-and-ply construction methods which make complex, classic boat designs approachable by novice builders.  

Mare Liberum’s boats, broadsheets and workshops have been exhibited by MASS MoCAThe Neuberger Museum, Maker Faire, Psy-Geo-Conflux Festival, Parsons/The New School, Boston Center for the Arts, the Boston Children’s Museum, EFA Project Space, Alexandraplatz, the Antique Boat Museum, and have been written about in Hyperallergic, The Brooklyn Rail, Bad at Sports, The Village Voice, and Vice Magazine, among others.

* after the Grotius text of ~1609…

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ML Lives in Gowanus, Brooklyn